Hosts aliases table as an alias

  • Hello !

    I'm about to build a firewall for a small web-hoster, and we are going to do it with pfSense. I've to say that i love this soft, thanks to the team for the work. I just regret we can't access to all PF features through WebGUI, but it's quite normal.

    Anyway for my future fw, i need to build some host groups (=table for PF) defined by including alias of each host (=macro for PF), and not the IP.
    I've made some hacks on 2 or 3 functions to do it, but I still have a little issue : my host group alias never appear on a rule create page when i start typing it, like other classical alias…

    I know for fact that the team has already coded this feature, but it's planned for a release in the future 2.0 version... I read it here on some topics.
    Question is : is there any way to release a patch for pfSense 1.2 to add this code ? Of course with a warning message explaining it's still experimental and not supported.

    (BTW, i've tried 1.3 Alpha... lovin it ! I like the dashboard, and i saw a bit of support for packet tags.)


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