OpenDNS - password special character - attention - pfSense 2.3

  • Good morning to all
    i write from Italy, excuse me for my bad English

    i have created a new account on OpenDNS and with the same credential i was able to login to DNS-O-Matic service

    when i try to configure Dynamic DNS under pfSense with my username and password previously created
    i always obtain the error
    "The DNS-O-Matic username or password specified are incorrect"

    OpenDNS ask you to use special character for the password
    Password must contain at least one digit and one special character (for example: *, $, or π)
    i have put in my password the following character:


    BAD BAD but very BAD IDEA

    only after 2 hours i decide to change the £ with a *
    /services_dyndns_edit.php: DNS-O-Matic (pfsense): (Success) IP Address Changed Successfully!


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