Why logging in to Garena is HARD like HELL ?

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    Few months already i still can't login it
    I tried to the 'static port', but it's still not working
    I tried to cancel the firewall 'disable packet filtering' but i can't surf net once i apply it
    Is there any other ways that i can try to do ?

  • Try setting the Outbound NAT to Static.

    That's what I had to do to get Titan Quest to work 100% for me.  Logging in was intermittent for me as well.

    Firewall -> NAT -> Outbound Tab -> Manual (then save) -> then edit the rule so that the Static Port is set to yes.

    I'm not sure what will break by enabling it, but I just set it back when I'm done playing…

    Hope that helps.

  • I have tried on your way but it isn't work  :-\

    Looking for kind soul to help me  :'(

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