• Hi,

    I have the captive portal system up and running.  But due to password assignment renewal on the radius server I want to temporarily disable the captive portal features.

    I unchecked the 'Enable captive portal' checkbox and clicked on the Save button.  Immediately a 'http error 404' page displays and when I reload the page the 'Enable' checkbox is still checked.

    How do I disable the Captive Portal feature with beta 3?

    Thanks for hints on this



  • Hi again,

    No comments on this..?

    Can anyone running beta 3 check if they are able to successfully save changes to the captive portal gui page?

    Here a http error 404 is thrown immediately after clicking the Save button.  When reloading the page no values have changed.

    I cannot even use the captive portal /file manager to save my custom captive portal http pages.

    Everything else from the webgui seems to work ok.

    To help me out, in which folder can I manually save the custom http pages?  And where dio I assign their filenames?

    Secondly, if I make changes in config.xml, how do I apply the current config.xml to the pfsense config?

    Thanks a lot for comments

    best regards