Since 2.2.6 update WiFi is not working anymore

  • Hello everyone,

    I have a problem with my PfSense 2.2.6

    It seems like the WiFi is not working anymore since the last update.

    I used this setup example:

    Previously, my iPhone was getting the 5.5.5.X IP Address, accordingly to the WiFi network setup. And it was working well.
    But now, it gets the original IP Address of the network, 192.168.2.X and no more 5.5.5.X

    I don't understand why.

    You'll find attached:

    • The WiFi Interface configuration
    • The DHCP WiFi Interface configuration
    • The bridge configuration

    The setup is exactly the same as the tutorial.

    Any idea ?

    Best regards

    ![Img 2016-04-07 à 00.39.10.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Img 2016-04-07 à 00.39.10.png)
    ![Img 2016-04-07 à 00.39.10.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Img 2016-04-07 à 00.39.10.png_thumb)

  • I assume LAN is and also has a DHCP server. Stop bridging and it will work.

  • You're right.

    The problem is solved.

    Do you know why ?
    It was working great with the bridge previously.

    Best regards

  • You bridged two different subnets with a DHCP server each and finally ran out of luck. Bridging them meant mixing the traffic at Layer 2 so you could get a reply from the wrong DHCP server.

    Not bridging them means you properly route at Layer 3 between the two subnets and a DHCP client broadcast won't reach the DHCP server on the other subnet.

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