What a great Firewall!

  • i can't believe i haven't been using this firewall…..

    for the past several years i've been using ipcop and smoothwall.  recently i went on the search to see what else is available along those lines and came across pfsense. after reading about it and seeing that it runs on FreeBSD (my favorite OS) i had to give it a try. i am very very satisified and i will be rolling this firewall out to all the offices i support.

    just wanted to give some respect and say THANKS!!

  • It's post like these that make it difficult to keep from switching my IPCop box over to pfSense. God I am so lazy :/

  • You'll regret every day of laziness once you make the switch….I still do.

  • I switched and so far it's awesome!

    Thanks to all involved in creating this great software.

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