Need help setting up wireless and pfsense

  • Hello all,

    I setup my pfsense firewall, and all is running well. Let me give you my basics first. I have 3 NIC cards inside of my pfsense box. One is my WAN,2nd Is for my wifi, and 3 goes out to my dell powerswitch that provides connectivity for the computers I have at my house. I have a linksys WRT54g wifi router that I would like to be able to connect to at home. I feel like a total noob with networking and firewalls, but I am learning…. :D

    I have enabled DHCP on both ends of firewall and router, set firewall rules, and made sure all was enabled. I can connect just fine to the router through my laptop, I just cannot get on the internet. Can someone please advise me on what to do to get this up and running? I have a staticIP running through dyndns not that it matters for wifi router.... but I would like to setup my router as an access point, instead of a router. I will just be using it for my laptop. I want maximum security for this router.

    Can someone please advise??

    Thanks for your time!!!!!

  • I don't know much about linksys router, but i have 2 solution:
    the first one : put your router in bridge mode if you can.
    the second one : plug your cable from pfsense in the WAN port, and set it to DHCP. the rest is a normal setup.
    my router was a dlink so i don't know if you can put all the same setting.

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