After internet access openVPN crashs

  • Hello,

    i use my pfSense in version 2.2.6 as a virtual appliance behind a AVM Fritz Box. The pfSense is configured as a openVPN Client against a openVPN Server.
    Everytime the fritzbox does a internet reconnect, the openVPN client looses the vpn connection and does not reconnect. The tunnel is marked as down.
    Now, i think i know why, because the pfSense has no internet connection. If i try a ping through the diagnostic gui to i got packet loss.

    After i restart the openVPN services, the pfSense and openVPN is working fine.

    I configured the openVPN client as follows:

    protocoll: UDP
    Device :  tun
    interface: WAN

    and under advanced the following config:

    tun-mtu 1440;
    fragment 1400;
    auth-retry interact;
    ns-cert-type server;
    verb 0;
    auth-user-pass /conf/portunity.login;
    keepalive 10 60

    Has someone any ideas what i can do, so that the openVPN tunnel restarts automatically after the fritzbox has internet connection again?

  • You can try assigning an interface & enabling route-nopull

    You will need to create firewall rules to push traffic trough the vpn.

    Or you can try pfsense 2.3. It might behave differently, as the gateway monitoring has been replaced.

  • I created an interface. What do you mean with route nopull?

    I will only use the VPN for incoming traffic. So my default route is to my fritz box.

  • So its a site2site tunnel? You specified earlier its a tun client?

  • Its a tun client. But I can access ressources through my VPN tunnel from external.

    I set the pull-noroute option and also disable gateway monitoring of the VPN interface. But it doesn't changed anything.