Captive Portal between APs

  • Hi all. I managed to setup a working captive portal. I do have one problem tho.

    When I login through Access Point 1, as long as the account is logged in, even if I get disconnected from the AP, I can reestablish my connection if I can reconnect to the AP.
    My problem is when I switch to a different access point using the same device, I need to login again.

    How do I configure this so my MAC's session is remembered between APs?
    I think it has something to do with the pass-through option but I don't really know how it works nor found any helpful info bout it.

    What I want to happen is: Connect to AP1 > login to CP > gain access > connect to AP2 > still have access w/o login

    But I don't want to store the allowed MACs permanently, so basically, just session passing between APs. Thanks.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Sounds like your "APs" are really layer 3 NAT routers, meaning the IP/MAC combination that is punching through the captive portal is the "AP"'s WAN interface, not the wireless device itself.

  • Ah well I AM using (connecting between) a TP-Link ROUTER and a Unifi AP…

    So if my setup would rather be:


    and I switch between AP1>AP2, there would be no re-authentication?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Generally, when a user logs into captive portal the IP/MAC pair is passed. If that IP/MAC pair is a router's WAN port, then when the user moves to a new router the IP/MAC pair that captive portal sees changes.

    Wireless Access points should be bridges, not routers. That means the captive portal sees the actual IP/MAC of the device, not the router they are behind.

  • So after our supervisor borrowed the router I'm using as a WAP, I remembered I still have another REAL (lol) AP.
    I set it up and tried changing between the APs. Now I don't need to re-login.

    "Much ask. Such noob. Wow."

    lol TYVM. :)

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