• Hello

    I am going to buy a  Netgear WG311T PCI WireLess Card , i see this card in the "Supported Hardware for pfSense/FreeBSD"
    and find this card on LDLC.com

    It is for PfSense Beta 2.

    Before buying this card I would like to know if there is no problem with this configuration ??
    I just need to plug the card and start PfSense ?? (no driver installation on freebsd ? because i am newbie, i dont want to configure freeBsd)

  • PS : i try with a peabird wireless pci card with no luck …  :'(

  • Anything with an atheros chipset should work out of the box. Install the card and boot up your system. Then go to the webgui and hit the [+] icon at interfaces>assign. It should add a new OPTx-Interface "ath0". After that you can configure the new interface just like any other OPT-Interface. Additionally to the normal settings for OPT's you will have wireless settings there as well.

  • I just bought the Netgear 311T yesterday and installed it with beta 2 together with 2 NIC's. The system recognize the card and after spending som time with the wireless configuration i works.

  • Ok , excellent