[SOLVED] Connect other pfsense as OVPN Client to existing pfsense OVPN Server

  • Hello,

    I am currently unsure what's best to do here.

    We have a OpenVPN Server for our employees set up as "Remote Access SSL/TLS + User Auth" so they login via OpenVPN Windows Client with username/password.

    Now we want to connect one of our branch offices to our main office. So I'd set up a new pfsense for the branch office and set OpenVPN up as client (currently no pfsense existing there yet)

    Question: Should I create a new OpenVPN server at our main office pfsense (as I've read about site to site / p2p with shared key) or will it be enough (and possible) to create a new user and put all the information into the branch office pfsense so it connects automatically and stays connected?

    Let me know what's best and hopefully the most secure way to do, thanks.



  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You want another server instance configured as site to site (actually peer-to-peer). The remote office would be configured as a peer-to-peer client.

  • Ok, great, thanks.

    ~~Do I need to do something with the advanced configuration here, too? Like push route or so?
    (It was necessary for the windows clients.)

    Ah, and is there a way for me to remote connect to the branch office pfsense via this active site-to-site setup or do I need to run an OpenVPN server instance on the branch office pfsense as well?

    I'll hope you bear with me ;-)~~

    Best regards,


    Edit: Got it working.

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