Access Wider VPN from Remote VPN…Possible?

  • Hi All.

    I got my 4 site VPN working!!  I have 4 sites Central, North, West and East and all are connected via a 'hub and spoke' config VPN network, where Central is the hub connected to each of the other sites.  From mt Central site I can access the hardware on each spoke, e.g I can gain access to the web configurator of my North voip system via an internal IP. All works well.

    I am now tryibg to set up a remote VPN from my laptop (Windows 10) to mt Central site.  This is set up using the Open VPN client through:

    Port: 9855

    I have set the local networkd as: (East) (Central) (North) (West)

    I can successfully connect from my laptop remotely, but I find that I can only access kit on my Central IP range and not any of the others.

    Does anyone know if this is possible?

    Effectively I would like to type in my browser when connected to vpn remotely and access the web config for my North Voip System (save me exposing it to the net)



  • I am still failing to get this working, so wondered …

    As my laptop is coming in via the vpn can I discount NAT/Firewall rules as something which is stopping traffic getting to my other sites?



  • The OpenVPN connection for the laptop needs to pushed routes for East,North, and West.

    Each of East,North and West also need the route to reach your laptop connection.
    Central will need to push each of them a route to and/or possibly the laptop's "home network"

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