2.3 Upgrade like a champ

  • Other than a few minor things that may be been my fault or maybe I can fix, but everything seems to be running. I did the DSLReports Speedtest to check bufferbloat after the codel fix and still at A+.

  • Really nice work and refreshed UI  :P

    Only problem to me is ntopng and bandwidthd does not exist in current pfSense version  :o But I can live without these two packages untill they are back again  :P ::)

  • Also wondering is the limiter & NAT problem solved in new release?
    I can't find clue from 2.3 change log.

    Probably not I guess, or if someone tried please tell us  ???

  • I too had a frictionless upgrade, mine from v2.2.6.  The new dashboard widget for the nut package works great, too.

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