V2.3 Top navigator set to fixed then mobile devices cannot access menues.

  • Hello!

    If I set the webgui to have the top menu fixed in general settings, then mobile devices cannot access complete menu.
    If I drop down the menu and press Status menu then half the menu is below the screen.
    If I try to scroll down the underlying page behind the menu is scrolled instead and making it imposible to get all menu items.

    Works fine if top menu is set to scroll with page instead.

    Tested with Android/Firefox and Iphone/Safari.

    Upgrade from v2.2.6 to v2.3 (amd64)

    /Best regards illern.

  • Administrator

    Fixed is intended for large screens only. If you plan on using your phone, don't use fixed at this time.

  • Hi!

    Ok, thanks for reply.


  • Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback. We might find a better solution for mobile nav in the future.

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