Monitoring Graph Y Axis

  • Think the Y axis scale could use a little work.
    (see attached image)

    ![StatusMonitoring OpenVPN Users.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/StatusMonitoring OpenVPN Users.jpg)
    ![StatusMonitoring OpenVPN Users.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/StatusMonitoring OpenVPN Users.jpg_thumb)

  • Administrator

    It looks like "vpnusers" below might need to be ".2f" instead.

    //lookup axis formating based on graph name
    var formatLookup = {
    	"states": ".2s",
    	"throughput": ".2s",
    	"cpu": ".2s",
    	"processor": ".2f",
    	"memory": ".2f",
    	"mbuf": ".2s",
    	"packets": ".2s",
    	"vpnusers": ".2s",
    	"quality": ".2f",
    	"traffic": ".2s",
    	"queue" : ".2s",
    	"queuedrops" : ".2s",
    	"wireless" : ".2s",
    	"cellular" : ".2s"

    That was it. I'll commit today.

  • When I set that it puts the zero line in the middle.  Allowing for negative users.  Number of users can never be negative.

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