BandwidthD: cannot select first adapter as the "BandwidthD Web Interface"

  • Hi,

    I have an internal pfsense which acts as a squid proxy, and then sends the internet traffic to another pfsense box, which handles traffic shaping, and is connected to the internet.

    That means that the internal proxy has no WAN-connected adapter, and the first adapter is just connected to the management VLAN, while other adapters are connected to various network segments.

    The problem is, that i installed BandwidthD to monitor traffic usage on the proxy, but there is no option to select the first network interface as the "BandwidthD Web Interface", and that's precisely what i intended to do. I suppose that the BandwithD package is assuming that the first adapter is WAN, but that's not the case, and doesn't needs to be that way. Any adapter could be connected to the outside or the inside of the enterprise, or even no adapter, as in this case.

    Is there a way to configure this like i want, or to submit this as a bug report?

    Thanks in advance

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