Removing NTOP package (plugin from 2.2.6) on pfsense 2.3

  • Unfortunately I did not check the forum when I upgrade to 2.3 so I have 2 plugins from 2.2.6 that I would like to remove - one is NTOP, the other is bandwidthd.

    for NTOP -

    can I just delete

    /usr/inc/priv/ - which I haven't located.

    Currently my pfsense is creating a crash report every minute.. on /etc/rc.start_package.

    Thanks for listening - (I should have also check the forum before I upgraded!)

  • Can I also run ntop_php_deinstall_command() from /usr/local/pkg/

  • Nevermind - I figure it out edit /cf/conf/config.xml - removed all mention of NTOP and bandwidthd.  - seen to work.
    but of course I made a back of config.xml just in case.

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