2.3 separator character support

  • I was playing around with the really neat firewall rule separators that were introduced in pfSense 2.3. I noticed that some of my separators kept disappearing after pressing Save. It seems like a separator text containing any character within the extended ASCII code 128-255 is removed upon saving the rule set.

    In my case, I had words containing "åäö" from the Swedish alphabet that kept disappearing. I had a hypothesis that it may only accept 7-bit ASCII, but that could be disproved by adding a rule with the text 日本語, which was left untouched upon saving. Could there be a bug in the validation?

  • Administrator

    I created a bug report for it: https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/6174

  • Developer Netgate

    Thanks for finding this.

    The separator text is now wrapped in a CDATA block before being saved and you sample sequence now works as expected.

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