Openvpn interface destroyed?

  • After linking due to an error openvpnclient interface to a new interface (OPT2) at Interfaces, I deleted the interface OPT2 and system appear to delete also openvpn real interface or harm it someway.

    OpenVPN status can not find the process,  service are not able to start, and logs give me :

    TUN/TAP device ovpnc1 exists previously, keep at program end 
    Apr 15 11:23:35  openvpn  33171  Cannot open TUN/TAP dev /dev/tun1: Device busy (errno=16) 
    Apr 15 11:23:35  openvpn  33171  Exiting due to fatal error

    how can i solve this?

  • A reboot will fix.

    Or if you kill the openvpn process, ifconfig destroy its interface, and restart OpenVPN, that'll probably work as well.

  • I rebooted without sucess… openvpn keep dead, even I recover a past config from yesterday and the problem persists.

  • Then it's not related to deleting the OPT interface assignment, something else in the config changed.

  • Solved killing the openvpn process and restarting!
    Hope to restart and keep working, thx!

  • Restarted and working perfectly, thx cmb!

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