Pfblocker IP alias on LAN

  • Hoping someone can help, this has been happening for well over a year now an finally annoyed enough with it.

    Device: PC Engines APU1D4 with an mSATA, no SD card.

    Issue: Upon power failure (falls out, I unplug it to move device etc) regardless.. pfSense seems to lose some of its config. Notably the LAN (which is bridged with WLAN) IP address and that it is meant to be a DHCP server.
    It resets to
    If I give my desktop (Ethernet) a static IP I can get to the admin page where it gives an HTTP_REFERER error. Connecting via serial I can assign the static IP I want, configure DHCP restart it and away I go.

    My system connects to the internet via a PPoE passthrough and it seems to remember that information, all WLAN settings and everything about the packages that are installed.

    Having been using pfSense on this device for just over 2 years and never was originally a problem.

    A query I have I've always wondered about while I'm here, when plugging in a console using Putty once system is complete you have access to 17 options where you can do various things - is there a way to require a login prior to getting to this screen for an added layer of security?

    Thanks team.

  • Is LAN the physical NIC or the bridge interface? I'm guessing maybe it's the bridge and you have an IP alias of

    You can password protect the console under System>Advanced.

  • Thanks for the quick, helpful response! Console is now locked down, I was certain I was being a muppet..

    LAN is the bridged interface, where would I locate the alias if one were to exist?

  • Anyone able to assist with this further please?

    Firewall -> Aliases is empty of that is where cmb was referring to.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    cmb wasn't talking about Firewall > Aliases. Look in Firewall > Virtual IPs.

  • Oh look there it is! Apparently is for DNSBL with a big DO NOT EDIT. Thanks for pointing me to that, any ideas what to do from here or should I take the query into the PFBlocker post?

    ![Virtual Address.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Virtual Address.png)
    ![Virtual Address.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Virtual Address.png_thumb)

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