Voucher that can only use for a specific time range.

  • is it possible to have a voucher that can only use for a specific time range.
    for example they can only use it at 1am to 12noon?
    so i can encourage users to avail that voucher if i make it cheaper than a regular vouchers.
    then i can also minimize the users in peek hours

  • Would be something you'll have to add in /etc/inc/voucher.inc…
    Altho I don't know how to recode it (lol), I'm thinking like maybe you could add a code w/c checks for the voucher's description.
    Then it checks for the system time and compares the description (properly formatted) and either marks the code valid or not.
    Else, if the description is non-schedule format, it proceeds as a regular voucher.
    Then when creating voucher rolls you should make a formatted description for the code to read. GOOD LUCK!

  • hope there is a super programmer who can help me about this.

  • I have an idea that could work provided your access point supports multiple ssid and vlans and optionally has a scheduler to configure when those ssid are active. I'm going to assume your ap supports this as consumer grade ap has no place in what you're doing.

    The gist of it would be having another interface on pfsense with it's own captive portal and unique vouchers and then use either firewall rules to only allow net access via the scheduler at non busy times or completely disable that ssid inside the busy hours using the ap's scheduler.

    The only real downside to this approach is you would only be able to create a finite amount of extra ssid for off peak only networks. Hopefully you don't need more then your equipment can handle.

  • Actually, its doable without having 2 separate wifi-networks that the user needs to keep track of, instead you have 2 wifi-APs that will broadcast the same network name, but both AP's switch between each other so only one AP is active at same time.

    First you create a Wifi AP, that is active only off-peak hours.
    This Wifi AP, is connected to a captive portal (A) that allows BOTH peak-voucher and nonpeak-voucher.

    Then you create a Wifi AP, with the same name that is active only on peak hours.
    This Wifi AP, is connected to a captive portal (B) that allows ONLY peak-voucher

    (A) and (B) portals needs to have same public and private key. (and of course all other settings need to be identical too)

    On the (A) portal, you create 2 rolls, lets say rollid 1 and rollid 2
    On the (B) portal, you create only rollid 1

    Vouchers from rollid 1 you sell as peak vouchers (expensive)
    Vouchers from rollid 2 you sell as nonpeak vouchers (cheap)

    On more expensive AP's you can create these as separate VLANs so you still only need one cable to your pfSense box, and then you create 2 "virtual" interfaces on pfSense, that you then tie to your captive portals.

    Theres 2 small disadvantages with this option:
    1: The user can reuse a used peak-voucher during non-peak time. (But this can be used as a selling point, eg peak voucher gives 1 hour surf at peak times and a additional 1 hour free surf on non-peak)
    2: both Peak and non-Peak users gets disconnected and have to relogin when the system switch between peak and non-peak. (This can be seen as a advantage if you want non-peak users to be kicked out when system switches to peak, even if they have time left on their voucher)

    (Note: Try this out before starting selling vouchers, so you see that this fit your particular situation)

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