Remote dns with local dns as secondary?

  • My openvpn tunnel works flawless. I couldnt live another day without it. Theres just one thing that annoys me.

    When Im at work i choose to connect to my openvpn in my pfsense at home and since i have dns forwarders and stuff in my  pfsense i choose to use the dns server at my pfsense box. Now they have a lot of dns hosts available only in the local network at work, which ive keep added to my /etc/hosts file which by now is pretty large. How do I solve this? Should i setup a dns server on my laptop which uses my home dns primary and my works dns secondary? Which software do i use?  Thanks in advance.

  • You don't say what OS you are using on your laptop.

    I would suggest that you run a local DNS server on your laptop.  Configure it to forward to your work DNS for their internal domains and at your home system for its domains.  Then point it at what ever can get out of the door for everything else (can be both).  Finally, point your laptop at its own DNS server on


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