Trying to lower tcp retransmission %

  • Hello im trying to lower my tcp retransmissions my isp is a wisp using dedicated towers connected to a fiber line from daystarr comunications with ubiquitis airfiber then he connects his clients to his towers with a pico station on the tower and a nanostation on the clients property. When I run dslreports speedtest I always get a good bufferbloat grade but a bad quality grade because of the high tcp retransmissions. When I run the speedtest connected directly to the nanostation I get no tcp retransmissions its only when everything is being routed through pfsense I get retransmissions. I have no idea what could be causing this or how I can fix this. any suggestions would be helpful. Im not even sure how to diagnose this.

    Heres my speedtest results. Im on a 10/10 link but I have all my PCs on my network traffic shaped under a qPC queue with 5 down and 2 up. I have Random Early Detection, Random Early Detection In and Out, and Codel enabled on these queues.

  • I actually just re ran the speedtest several times connected directly to the nanostation and the tcp retransmissions were high I guess it must have gave me a good result for a second when I ran the test earlier.. but I ran the test over 10 times this time and there was high amount of tcp retransmissions every time does this mean the problem is with my wisp and nothing can be done to solve or mitigate this on my end?

  • Can I change the RTO values in pfsense? Like whats mentioned here in linux?

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