[SOLVED]pfSense - traffic through external OpenVPN client

  • Hi,

    I have a Mikrotik with running OpenVPN client as my main router, with NAT masquerade set up to WAN/OpenVPN interfaces. Every host has DHCP server assigned address from subnet. Everything works properly for all hosts (addresses behind VPN are reachable).

    After connecting pfSense router to the Mikrotik it gets correct ip address from DHCP server ( pfSense LAN has address space with its own DHCP server. Internet itself works fine, except for hosts behind VPN (which is set up on the Mikrotik). Some hosts behind VPN work, some don't respond at all, some respond to ICMP requests, but e.g. WWW still does not work.

    It's a fresh installation of pfSense 2.3 with simple NAT rule.

    NAT / Outband / AON

    Interface: WAN
    Protocol: Any
    Source: Network

    When I swap the pfSense router for simple TP-Link one, everything works correctly - I can connect to hosts on the internet and behind VPN with no problem.

    Is there some setting in pfSense that could block VPN traffic?

    // Services / DHCP / DNS  my DNS server was unreachable

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