Squid Reverse Proxy Mapping to tools.domain.com/tool1

  • Hi,

    i try to achieve a simple configuration task with squid and pfsense 2.3:

    I have an internal http server with an erp system  on lan1 interface with ip The wan interface has an official ip and an A Record of tools.domain.com.

    I simply want to redirect tools.domain.com/erp to the server

    I set the url mapping regex to tools.domain.com/erp, and opened port 80 on the wan interface, and i get a badly formatted first page of the erp system. When i click something, I get an error and the erp system goes to something like tools.domain.com/login# instead of tools.domain.com/erp/login#

    How can I write the proper url mapping for a situation like this? I did not find any simple tutorial.

    Thanks everyone,


  • Did you solve this? I'm having a similar issue trying to set up my reverse proxy. I have a www running on port 80 but when trying to configure a subdomain to go to another webserver on 443 I just get 404's..  ???

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