Cannot Ping nothing besides pfSense? (SOLVED)

  • Hi,
    I was wondering if someone could shed some light on this issue i just realized. So usually when i connect to OpenVPN i always connect to pfSense ( never really had to ping or connect to other devices then realized that I cannot ping nothing on the LAN :=0

    But whats odd that I also have L2TP and PPTP just to if it works and I can ping with no issue :( so im sure its an OpenVPN not sure what i did wrong I have configured on few other pfSense boxes just this one is different because the LAN is (next week going to make it /24 with the VLANS) Im trying to ping the AD server which is the  :(

    I think im messing something up with the Subnet

    Thank you see pictures

    EDIT: Solved the OpenVPN has to have THE SAME subnet as the LAN on pfSense again whats odd thats not the case for PPTP and L2TP also checking the topology is a must

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