Captive Portal for Branh site access internet via HQ

  • Hi All,

    I need advice about how to deploy captive portal for HQ and branch site.

    Currently, we have 3 branchs, each branch has only 4 users (Fix IP address), each brach can access internet via HQ.

    Do I need to put only single pfSense behind Firewall, or need to put pfSense in each branch also? each branch has different subnet and has  2 hop to HQ so I'm not sure only single pfSense work or not?

    If I need to pub pfSense on each branch, what happen when user already login in their branch and traffic come to pfSense at HQ? Do they need to re-authen at HQ again?

    Please advice.

  • As long as your actually routing from the branches and not NATing anything you should only need a CP on the router1 in your diagramm.

    Is this a typo, or are you actually using 192.1.x.x IP's?
    Allowed private ranges are, 172.16.x.x/12, and

  • I'm not sure about IP address because engineer write it to me. But the structure look like in the picture.

    For NAT. If they don't use NAT. We can put only CPU on the router1.
    But if they use NAT. If we put CP on Router1, 3,4, 5. How about re-authentication problem? If user already login on Router 3,4,5, Do they need to re-authenticataion on Router1?

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