Firewall LAN Rule Issue

  • Hi,

    Scenario -: I'm using pfsense 2.1(i386).

    Problem -: After installing pfsense in Firewall -> Rules, their is two default rules are created ie. one is for ipv4 & second one is  for ipv6 protocol(For TCP/IP version).
    The problem is when we are create aliase by using DNSlookup. Under the default LAN rule under port it shows ***** symbol under this _ (symbol) comes. When i move out curser to this point out it's shows me NULL.
    Due to occurence of this NULL, the device which are connected through pfsense loss their internet connectivity & also no new device are able to connect.


  • @ujjwal:

    When we add the alias name of the url using dns lookup  after  some time it shows null value.For that issus device not getting the internet.
    Please provide the solution for this issue.

    I appreciate English may not be your first language, but you'll have to clarify what your problem actually is first. Are you saying you have a client device which can't get out onto the internet? Are you adding an alias for an address that isn't resolving? Or are you trying to look up an address which isn't resolving? Or is it something else?

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