Automatic restore configuration in X minutes {Now $100}

  • Hi,

    here is the problem I am trying to solve:
    I manage several firewalls connected to our main office through VPN connections and changing something on the remote VPN configuration is always risky, if it doesn't work, I have to travel through half of Europe to go to the office and fix it.
    I would like an option to automatically restore the current configuration in X minutes.

    It should look something like this:

    The GUI only needs a checkbox (to activate this) and maybe a dropdown box with some times (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes…) or even a normal input box.
    When activating this function, the current configuration should be stores somewhere save on the firewall.
    I would like to be able to change the configuration however I want (change IP addresses, delete VPN connections, remove interfaces, change firewall rules, ...), even restart the box!
    However, if the checkbox is not uncheck before the time runs out, the saved configuration overwrites whatever the current one is and the firewall reboots.

    I have no idea of this is complicated or not, so I start with $50 I could pay with paypal. If it is more complicated and you need more money, please make a suggestion and I can check if we can pay more.


  • Nobody interested?

    Is this too complicated? Does it require more money from my side?

    Or is there an easy solution to the problem and I just can't find it? What do you guys do if you have to update the VPN connection in an remote office in the middle of nowhere and something goes wrong?


  • Just been lucky so far that nothing has gone wrong I guess…  :-
    Having a safety net like this would be nice though.

  • You can cron a script to restore the config every time you are working with pfsense….
    I think I saw a script in one of the threads that lets you restore configs from command line...
    You can use that and enable a cron to execute the script every so many minutes....

  • Before I take on your bounty I just want you to know that this can be simply done from command line…
    If you find it hard to do I can create the script for you and take on the bounty... Now it wont be a GUI thing... I dont do GUI sorry...

  • Sorry for the late reply, I was busy with other things…

    Thanks for the offer, but what I'm after is really a GUI option to do that and it needs to be a solution that will be included in one of the next official releases.

    If you can create a GUI option that will be included in the official pfsense downloads, then I'm willing to increase the bounty to $100.


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