Squid crippled Steam Download speed

  • Hi,

    Is there any way to block Steam going through my proxy (Transparent Proxy enabled)? I tried to add a user agent in the ACL however it results in Steam not able to download anything at all.

    The reasons I want it to bypass the proxy server are

    1. The max speed it can achieve is 15MB/s (Where previously can max out to 62MB/s)
      ** I have Fibre to Home @536/524 (speedtest speed)**

    2. The CPU load is way too high it constanly staying at ~90 - 99%

    3. It eats up a lot of memory and when it stops it doesn't release them

    I don't have such problem with bt and other internet usage, even on speedtest the cpu rarely go beyond 65% and the memory won't exponentially increase.


  • do  packet capture to find out destination IP address of stream and add it to proxy bypass list

  • will do thx!

  • Solved!

    Instead of blacklist it I bypass it, I create an Aliases, and monitor the ips going thru my proxy under Real Time tab, then I added those ips.


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