How to Block AP from accessing internet

  • Hi I'm running 2.2.6

    Need to know how to Block an AP from accessing the internet.  The twist is that I also need the AP to be able to talk to my FreeRadius2 server running in pfsense.

    Any suggestions?


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    Why would the AP be talking to the internet?  Do you mean the clients?

    Either way whatever the IP address is - setup a block rule for whatever it is you don't want that IP to go to, but the stuff you want to allow it to go to above the block..

  • Sorry let me clarify.

    I want to block the AP itself accessing the internet.  The clients connected to the AP should be able to access the internet.

    Before I setup the radius server, I had a block rule setup with the source set to the APs IP address and the destination set to any.

    While setting up the radius server I noticed the AP couldn't talk to the radius server so I disabled the block rule I mentioned above.  After disabling the block rule the AP could talk to the radius server.

    Now i need a new rule(s) to allow the AP to talk to the radius server, but not allow it to access the internet.  I need help creating these rules if anyone can help.


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    Post your rules please..  Here my wlan segment the ap (alias) talks to radius running on pfsense, and I created rule to block it from talking to internet as example for you..

    I really don't get why people have such hard time with this…  Rules are looked at top down INBOUND into the interface - first rule wins..

    So if you look at my rules, the wlan network or can ping pfsense interface which happens to be and has a IPv6 address as well.. both are allowed.
    I then allow my ipad to do whatever it wants.. (
    Then I let stuff on wlan talk to my plex server only on port 32400 tcp, my harmony hub and my directv dvr which are on other segments of mine sie the 192.168.9, .4 and .5 segments
    I then allow anything on wlan network talk to my ntp server using an alias, since I change or have multiples of those running now and then.
    I then allow anything to talk dns to pfsense ip on the wlan network.
    I then allow my AP via that alias to talk to pfsense wlan interface for radius (radius package installed)
    Then my new rule that says hey your an AP, your done - you can go nowhere else unless you matched a rule above this rule..
    I then reject anything else trying to talk to any other pfsense IP, be it on wlan interface, lan or wan or wlan_psk, any other IP that is owned by pfsense is blocked on any protocol.
    The last 2 rules say hey as long as you don't want to go to any of my other networks that are in my rfc1918 alias then sure go ahead.  And same NOT sort of rule for ipv6 and my other ipv6 networks in that alias..

    So post up your rules and will look at them and see what your doing wrong.  Keep in mind when you create a rule if there are any existing states you would have to delete those states or flush all the states, etc..  Any active states would allow traffic before even looking at the rules..  So for example lets say your AP went to on 80..  Since that was allowed on your previous rules pfsense would create a state..  Now even if you create a block rule until that state goes away that traffic would be allowed.

  • I got it working.

    I was missing the allow rule.

    Your screen shot helped me create a new rule to allow the radius traffic through.


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