Since 2.3 update WIFI problems

  • Hell @all,

    some days ago I updated to version 2.3 and since I did it I have some strange wifi problems. But first some infos about the hardware:

    APU.1D4 board with a mSATA16d SSD module
    The modem and WIFI AP is a Telekom Speedport W723 V Type B
    KODI and Philips HUE app on Iphone 4s and 5s

    Connecting to the WiFi is not the problem. I get all data from the DHCP server on the APU and can use the connection to browse the internet with both iphones.
    The problem is, that since the update to version 2.3 I cannot use the apps on both iphones to control KODI on a raspberry pi. I have four raspberry pi with openELEC and cannot connect with the KODI app to all of them. I also cannot use the app to control my philips hue devices anymore because the philips hue app cannot connect to the philips hue bridge.

    The issues started with updating to version 2.3. before everything was okay

    Some ideas?

  • It seems that the whole wifi traffic to the lan is blocked…Does anyone knows a setting for it?

  • FIXED!!!

    In "System: Advanced: Tunables => - Packet filter on the bridge interface was enabled after the update.
    After I disabled it everything is working again

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