• We have produced this problem on a Dell R620 and an Intel NUC Core i5 6th gen and both with ESXi 6.0 u1.  pfSense version 2.2 and 2.3.

    Nothing is the same with the timing of when this happens.  It took a few days to happen on the Dell 620 and then after a second reboot, it works for a few days and quits.  The Intel NUC, first time it took a few days then even after a rebuild, it took a few hours for it to fail.  Eventually the firewalls never come back and are completely unbootable.

    You start to notice a problem when the web management interface fails to respond on pfSense, some packets and then most packets stop moving through.

    A reboot might fix it, some time it hangs on the first reboot then another reboot works fine and it will run for a while before we loop back to failure.

    If you rebuild and keep the VM version to 8, no issues at all and never fails.

    In all cases any defaults for the VM are kept, nothing it altered, just the create VM wizard and no tuning.

    Maybe I am just bad at searching, but I cannot find anything to indicate someone sees this problem or how to avoid it.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    hardware 10?  Why would you not just be running current 11?  I am running esxi 6u2 pfsense 2.3 without any issues…

    Currently up for 13 Days 16 Hours 34 Minutes 36 Seconds

    What vnic are you using vmx3 or e1000? Are you trying to install the vmware tools, or just using the open tools?

  • Compatibility wit v5.5 at the moment is the main reason

    using vmxnet 3 and the open vm tools available from packages.

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    Well if running it as hardware version 8 solves your problems, not sure why you don't just run that version..  So your what moving these vms between a 5.5 host and a 6 host?  What version of 5.5 you on?  10.x of freebsd was not support til u2 of 5.5

    What does the hardware version have to do with it unless your moving it between hosts?

  • The 5.5 build is u1 but the same problem existed on ESXi 6 as well.  I have not tried v11 hardware yet.

    I don't mind using v8, I don't need to run more than two NICs anyway.  The high versions will allow you to run many more NIC cards.  This will be important though when I replace our 5510s with pfSense and using CARP.