PIA VPN not working on Pfsense 2.3

  • So I upgraded to pfsense 2.3 and it screwed my whole config up so I just decided to wipe it to a fresh install just to be safe.

    I cannot however, get the PIA VPN to work, it gives me a DNS probe error when it's enabled.  The logs show DNS server not found.

    I followed the tutorial that's on here and on the PIA website but there isn't the command prompt option anymore, do I have to SSH in to get that file created or is it not needed anymore?  Does anybody have it working on there 2.3 box that can show me some screenshots of the configs?


  • Forget the PIA website instructions…worthless.

    This is what worked for me... very nice tutorial: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=76015.0

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