OVA image for VMware

  • I have been using the 2.2.4 OVA image for gold subscribers and upgrading to 2.2.6 and it has been working great.

    Are we going to get a newer OVA image for VMware?

    Been watching redmine.pfsense.org and really hoping for a 2.3.1 OVA when it comes out.  Been wondering since 2.3 came out if the hardware requirements should be bumped up a bit for it.  I always have been increasing the CPU and memory some before I start them up.

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    You know you can create your own ova, really only takes couple of minutes..

  • Why even bother doing that when the basic install only takes a few minutes, and you're going to end up reconfiguring everything anyway for your particular environment?  An OVA is handy when the base install is complex, has lots of dependencies etc.  Not so with pfSense.

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    agree..  But if you deploy a lot of pfsense as vm, and you could put your basic setup in there - maybe you have different IP on lan, or rules, packages, etc.  then you could create your ova and have your system deployed that much quicker ;)

    But agree with you setup from just the iso takes all of a couple of minutes to get up and running.

  • I like having the OVA because it has been a tested configuration of a system known to work.

    Only thing i have usually changed is add more NICs, CPU power, and Memory, then imported a config file prepared for the system.  About 5 mins of work and the system is fully up and running.

    If I built my own OVA for it I would be concerned I set something up wrong and I probably would run it in a test environment longer than needed.  I don't know the ideal VMware configuration for pfSense.

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    huh??  If you think pfsense setup some magic settings??  Take the ova you have, update it - create ova from that..

  • yeah, I think the "magic setting" I had to activate last time I installed a new ISO image in a VM was pressing "I" to install and then getting up and making some waffles until the webgui was loaded on the IP it said it was

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