Suricata 3.0 Inline Mode & Traffic Shaping

  • I like to hear from anyone who is successfully using traffic shaping with Suricata 3.0 in the Inline Mode. In particular are you able to achieve positive results? Have you used the CODELQ scheme? My shaping works fine in the Legacy Mode for Suricata but not the Inline Mode.

    Traffic shaping in general does not seem to be working in the Inline Mode for Suricata 3.0

  • There appear to be unintended and "fatal to connectivity" interactions between the shaper/limiter and the new Netmap driver compiled into the pfSense 2.3 kernel.  A bug report is open on the problem and has been assigned to one of the kernel developers on the pfSense project.  When Suricata runs with the new inline IPS mode it is using the new Netmap driver.  This is causing issues with the shaper.


  • Bill:

    Thanks for the update. You have confirmed the issue.