Devices not Authenticating it seems

  • I'm new to PFSense, I bought a Qotom q190g4 from AliExpress. Looked pretty good and they said they tested with PFSense. Also found someone selling them on eBay with PFSense preinstalled, so thought it'd be good. It's got 4 intel nics and came with a usb wireless card.

    The wireless card is recognsied and I've set it up as an Interface. I've got WAN and LAN setup and can connect to the LAN port and use the internet through my laptop. My laptop can see and connect to teh WIFI as well but no internet (one problem). But my mobile phone cannot seem toconnect at all, it sees the AP but it gets stuck at Authenticating… or Obtaining an IP Address after a while and then drops out with a Connection too weak message(main problem). I'm only a few metres away from the box.

    I'm not sure if this is a hardware issue, software issue or something wrong with my settings? Any ideas what I should be looking for? I've noticed that although the card is an N card, it only has B/G settingsavailble, which seems common for FreeBSD drivers, could this be indicating a hardware compabitilbility issue?

  • The curt answer is that you should be looking for an external AP as bsd wireless drivers "could be better".

  • It does appear that way, I should have looked into that first. It's a shame to just give up on it though, as I was hoping to make this an "all in one" device, like a standard off the shelf router/modem.

  • Been there, done that :-)
    I settled for Linux install with linux doing the wireless part and running pfsense as a VM inside linux. But the issue with that is you have to settle for around 100-300Mbps routing speeds depending on hardware. bsd kvm virtio drivers "could be better" too :-)

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    "I settled for Linux install with linux doing the wireless part and running pfsense as a VM inside linux."

    Just so you could have your wifi in 1 box??  I just do not get why people want everything in 1 box??  I find it highly unlikely that your 1 box is properly placed for best wifi coverage of your area where you want wifi..

    Why would you not just get an AP and properly place it so it provides the best wifi coverage for the area you want, if you need more then you deploy more AP.. This is how you get good wifi with could speeds..  Some jury rig setup so you can put some wifi card in a box is never going to provide actual GOOD wifi..

  • My improperly placed wifi isn't the only justification.
    But thanks for the insight, we clearly are in similar circumstances.

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    "isn't the only justification."

    I would be curious to what justification you are using to be honest..  I really do not understand this desire to have things in 1 box.. Do you have switch(es) that is different box..

    Is your modem/connection to the internet in the same box?

    Is it some form of OCD you have? ;)

  • Thanks for the replies guys.

    You are both correct. But I don't want to spend too much time, because you are correct, it's not the best place for wifi and I do plan to plug in an ext AP with AC capability at a later date. But my reasoning for all in one is a temporary solution, as mneinoted, just like I had with my COTS product. Similary, I do want to get a separate efficient switch, but at the moment 3 LAN ports will be fine since most devices in teh house are wireless anyway. And you may say, why waste time with temporary solutions, again my excuse are:

    • too busy (I've got three little rugrats and still finishing off a new house…hence the want to build IT systems).
    • I take a long time to figure things out, research things as best I can before taking the plunge, etc...

    But you're all absolutely correct. It's just a shame I bought it with the WIFI card thinking it could be an interim solution so I could swap out the ISP supplied rubbish, but I can't without WIFI working. Next temp solution, is to plug the ISP supplied rubbish into one of the spare LAN ports...