FreeRADIUS + LDAP - Cannot authenticate

  • Hey everyone, I have a pfSense server with FreeRADIUS installed in a machine and a LDAP server in another one, and I would like to make users authenticate on RADIUS using a LDAP database, but I'm not being able to make it happen.

    I've made some tests and I noticed the LDAP database is Ok. I could make that LDAP database work with Squid Proxy, and users can authenticate using their credentials from LDAP database. Also, to see if Radius is really working, I created a local user and I could authenticate just perfect fine. So, the problem is 100% sure with some configuration between LDAP->Radius.

    My current config is:

    ldap {
      #  Note that this needs to match the name in the LDAP
      #  server certificate, if you're using ldaps.
      server = ""
      port = "389"
      identity = "cn=admin,dc=cecvt,dc=com"
      password = ldap
      basedn = "ou=People,dc=cecvt,dc=com"
      filter = "(posixAccount)(uid=%u))"
      base_filter = "(objectclass=radiusprofile)"

    I already tested the "uid=%u" filter, also the default filter and some others but still not sucess. Squid proxy wasn't working I solved using the "cn=%s" filter. Tried that on Radius, and nothing worked…

    Can someone help me? Please =)

  • Hi, did you find a solutioin ? I think that the probleme can be the ldap configuration , if you look at your logg you'll see that the bind to the ldap can't be done. Maybe there is a probleme of certificate too.