SOLVED: Squidguard seems to significantly slow web browsing

  • Hi all,

    [edit: mods, please can this be moved to the squid sub forum of packages, I've just found the section following posting this]

    Being new (1 - 2 days only) to pfsense and all things lovely, I have been trying to set up squidguard so I can filter categories of website for my company, but when enabled, browsing is so slow I am wondering if there is a guide on how to correctly configure things so that the users don't complain. I'm using it as a transparent proxy on HTTP so that I don't have to re-configure all users' computers internet connection settings.

    pfsense 2.3
    intel core 2 duo e6600 processor
    4GB DDR2
    quad port intel pro/1000 vt NIC


  • Just to say, this was actually solved by simply a reboot, now I have a transparent squidguard proxy blocking dodgy HTTP stuff without the speed issues.