Squid 4.3.10 on pFsense 2.2.6 - HOSTS File on Workstation Ignored

  • Good Morning,

    I am having an issue with a client setup running pFsense 2.2.6 and Squid 4.3.10 - here's the deal…

    The client is a web development shop overseas. The client asked that they be able to track where their developers are going on the web, because there were some issues with a project manager over there working for another firm while in my client's employ.

    So we deployed a pFsense box, and set it up to do transparent proxying. All was fine and dandy until they needed to test client sites prior to deployment.

    They test the sites by editing the local HOSTS file on their local machines to mimic the DNS request prior to actually cutting over DNS.

    If I disable Squid for a single machine - we are all good and we can do what needs to be done - but I feel like Squid is doing its own DNS resolution.

    So my question is:

    Can we tell squid to not resolve DNS - and instead leave that up to the workstations, but still monitor traffic going through its interface? Or am I spraying into the wind on this one?