OpenVPN Fatal Error

  • Hi there,

    I've recently setup my pfsense box and followed the PIA PfSense instructions ( found here to a t but I'm getting a fatal error when i start up the VPN.  When I go out to the wild and do the ipleak and dns test I'm still protected and when I go to PIA's homepage it's not showing my actual IP.  Just wanted to see if someone would look at my screenshot and see if they can explain why it's failing.

    Thanks in advance.

  • The error message "Cannot open TUN/TAP dev dev/tun1:Device busy" points to a previous instance of OpenVPN already running.

    This can happen if you're playing with your OpenVPN settings, trying to get things "right" and restarting the OpenVPN client and/or server.
    Sometimes the previous instance doesn't exit cleanly and can hang around for a while.

    I would try a full reboot of the box to make sure you have a clean start and see what your logs look like.

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