Connection Dropping OpenVPN after 2.3 update

  • Ever since upgrading to PFSense 2.3, I have problems maintaining OpenVPN connections.

    My home network uses PFSense, and the work network uses OpenBSD. I do have an OpenVPN tunnel configured between the two networks. Typically I use SSH to connect to systems on the Work Network via the OpenVPN tunnel.

    Whenever I use scp or other software to transfer data, the connection will stall and eventually disconnect after a few minutes. I can be as soon as 30 seconds after I start the transfer, and appear to be related to the amount of data transfered, not the time the connection is up.

    At that point, all connections via the VPN tunnel will fail.

    I collected packets at different ends of the network. I do see packets coming in to the OpenVPN client interface from the work network, but these packets are not forwarded to my home network. I do not see any firewall alerts, and these are packets that are part of an established connection. I do not see any TCP errors. Just at some point, my PFSense OpenVPN interface stops forwarding  the "ACKs" from the work network. The client on my home network starts duing standard resends at that point, and finally gives up.

    The VPN itself stays up, and after a minute or so, I can setup new connections.

    Any ideas what would cause this?

  • I am having this same exact issue

  • it may be related to the packetshaper (not 100% confirmed yet). Try to disable it. it made things better for me for now.

  • started to happen again, even after disabling the traffic shaper. It seems to be related with file transfers via scp. So maybe it is a matter of the packet rate more then packet volume. Sort of seems like some network buffer is filling up.

  • What do you get in the OpenVPN logs at the time?