OpenVPN vs. in-built Windows VPN

  • I was planning on using standard Windows VPN (Windows server) and using the in-built VPN-client in windows.

    However: One problem I have is that ALL traffic from the client suddenly goes through my network unless they hook correctly in their client program. Is there an easier way to use OpenVPN or similar on the pfSense - maybe along with another VPN-client. The client only needs access to this server to connect to SQL-server and preferable ONLY get local access to the same server, not other network resources on same subnet.

    I would appriciate any suggestions on this. My end-users are not very techinical and the best would be a one-click setup…

  • On pfSense OpenVPN you can control which traffic should go through VPN by pushing routes to the clients. However, to set routes on the client computer requires that the client software is run with admin privileges.
    And OpenVPN isn’t integrated in Windows, so an extra client software is needed. But this can be easily exported from pfSense with the client export package and can also easily be installed on the client computer.

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