Need help for DNS Forwarder and/or Resolver when unauthenticated Captive portal

  • I have an issue with the Captive Portal when I use it without Authentication

    Details of issue:
    The client open its browser and get the portal page all the time, if its home page is http, not https
    The client click "connect" on the portal page then its browser displays the redirection address in the address bar, but the page isn't displayed and stuck right here
    If the client open a new browsing page, he will know that he now connected by seeing its home page

    A warning message at the bottom of the Captive Portal configuration page says this:
    Also, the DNS Forwarder or Resolver must be enabled for DNS lookups by unauthenticated clients to work.

    I need help to understand and set properly the DNS Forwarder and/or Resolver, that I beleive that is/are the culprit(s)

    I downloaded my xml configuration file as attachment

  • As the warning says, clients have to have a valid DNS server for portal redirection to work. Set the DNS on your PFS in the 'General Setup' page under 'DNS servers'. If you're using the PFS as a DNS forwarder, enable it (Services/DNS Forwader and tick 'enable'). Under your DHCP settings, make sure your clients get valid DNS servers (Services/DHCP server + LAN tab) by entering your DNS server IPs in the relevant fields. If you're not using DHCP, set a valid DNS server statically on your clients. If you're not using the PFS forwarder, try using a standard public DNS server (eg: or

  • i'm so newbie, so i need to be guided to config it properly

    someone can help me?

  • Video on how to set up DHCP:

    And a video on how to set up DNS:

    The only thing you'll need to change in either of these is to substitute your own IP addresses and DNS server addresses.

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