[captive portal errors solved] errors after updating from 2.2.4 to 2.3

  • hello,
    yesterday i updated to pfsense 2.3
    and now I've got multiple problems

    • the captive portal only works on mobile devices

    • when i connect to the wifi it will ask me to login on pfsense (so that's normal)

    • the mac filtering still works as it's meant to (allowing people to bypass the captive portal if there mac adresse is in the list)

    • the captive portal doesn't work on computers or laptops

    • when i connect to the wifi  and i haven't logged in it will not automatically redirect me to the captive portal

    • when i try to access the captive portal with the link ( all i get is a blank page

    may i also add that I've also got problems with squid

  • problem solved
    i was going to the wrong link
    instead of

  • Something is still broken in your setup.
    After a 'dummy' http request like http://www.google.fr, the navigator will be directed to '', nothing less, nothing more.
    The captive portal will show up.

    Adding something like "?zone=mdl" isn't needed.

    Check this with your PC's:
    DHCP activated on PC ?
    Did it get an IP ? Gateway IP ? DNS IP (should be as the gateway IP = pfSense) ?

    Of course, an initial https:// request won't work, this is normal.

    Use the default captive portal 'html login page' to start with.

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