Vmware Workstation, PCI NIC as virtual Router

  • i had an idea and I'm looking to hear your opinion,

    instead of buying another box and spend over 300$, i was thinking about buying a PCI NIC with 2 or 4 ports,

    connect 1 of the ports to vm in vmware workstation as bridge and the 2nd port to a switch.

    on the same server i will connect the main Ethernet port to the switch as well so the server will get IP from pfsense.

    this is my first time and I'm looking for suggestions…

    my server is 2 X Xeon E5-2697 v3 @ 2.60GHz, 128GB RAM, Ubuntu server 16.04, Vmware Workstation 12

    i am considering one of the cards:


    on the server side, should i cancel the dhcp of the 2 ports used by the VM? should i disable them at all?
    how about performance compare to dedicated hardware?

    i have small network at home with 3-4 devices, the main reason i want pfsense is security(firewall, snort, bro etc...) and openvpn.

    appreciate all the answers!

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