[2.3] size of traffic graphs on dashboard

  • Hello,

    I updated to v2.3 a few days ago.

    Can the size of the traffic graphs on dashboard be changed?
    They are eating so much space on screen…

    ...I liked how the size was in v2.2


  • Administrator

    I don't think they are much different in size on 2.3. Regardless, they are in the process of being rewritten and will be certainly be smaller in certain configurations.

  • I am hiving the same issue. The each of the graphs takes up the whole screen. 
    I am not really liking the new interface.

  • Add another row or two to your dashboard and your traffic graphs will be sized accordingly.

  • Administrator

    Maybe post a screenshot explaining what "large" means to you? What is you're screen width?

  • this is what I mean (see attached image).

    the size of grah in relation to other elements and text.

    screen resolution here: 1280 x 1024

    when adding a 3rd column to the dashboard the graphs are smaller
    but I get lots of unwanted linebreaks in the other widgets - not looking good!

  • They seems fine in size to me. I have 4 columns and it all fits nicely on my monitor. Could just be an issue on a small monitor / resolution.

    I just wish they matched the Dark Theme, they are white and don't match at all…

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