Connecting to xxxxx config file is failed Windows 10 client 2.3 pfsense

  • Hello Guys , i Have a Pfsense with a Radius server conect to Active Directory all work fine , but have a problem with a computer
    im ask to google and now in desesperated

    this is the error in log.

    from Microsoft Certificate Store: error:C5066064:microsoft cryptoapi:CryptAcquireCertificatePrivateKey:Cannot find the certificate and private key for decryption.
    Wed May 04 18:39:05 2016 Exiting due to fatal error

    im install the certificate manually an auto , in trusted root and personal with the same result , check the other computers and the certificate stay in the same location

    so i don´t now why generate this error

    Thanks for the Help!!!

  • :D Im fix the problem , the problem ocurr when you Have NPS in Windows Servers 2012 , you need ensure that the account in dial-in dialog say allow access and not NPS Policy in active directory , when you change the value you test with authentication pfsense option , and is succesfully , when you try again with openvpn work , remember install the certificate in root trusted in Windows Cerificates

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