Monitoring Graphs of Period Data to Keep from Going Over ISP Data Caps

  • I noticed that jdillard is now working on the monitoring GUI.

    I'm curious to know if it'll be able to monitor monthly data caps on certain days (usually begins on the day the ISP activated the line) and perhaps send multiple warning when you've reached a certain percentage of your specified monthly data cap.

    Another possibility is the ability to throttle down/slow the connection of "certain" connected computers on the network "gradually" as the data cap is reached.

    This month, all our major ISPs seem to simultaneous raised their caps but also implemented them throughout their network and with very hefty fees that can run in the hundred of dollars in overages unless you prepay them for the possibility of overages, or subscribe to one of their video services.


  • Administrator

    It's coming back through the use of the vnStat package and will be located on a different page.

    I am using this thread for updates on progress for now:

    edit: To answer your question more specifically I won't be working on monitoring/alerting features based on usage levels, but someone else could. vnStat could be made a dependency of the email alerts package and it could be setup in a way that it can email usage graphs as well as alerts when certain events such as total bandwidth usage levels for a period are reached.

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