Looking for VLAN-aware Remote WAP

  • Hi All.

    I have my Pfsense box connected to a 16 port managed switch. I have two subnets defined: Private (tagged with VLAN ID 10) and Guest (tagged with VLAN ID 20). I want to run a 1GbE VLAN trunk line from a port on the switch to a remotely located Wireless AP.

    I'm looking for recommendations for the WAP. I want to assign each VLAN to separate SSIDs (in both 2.4 and 5.0GHz) bands. The WAP should have the option of blocking Client-to-Client traffic on a per-SSID basis. Same with access to its internal management web page.

    Right now, I'm just looking for pointers to brand / family of WAP. Most people you talk to in the consumer router/wap space can't even spell 'VLAN'. Once I have a couple vendors in mind, I can choose between the options they offer with regard to speed, range, etc.

    Also, I DON'T need PoE.



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    To properly mount a AP poe is kind of life saver to be honest.

    I would look at the unifi stuff to be honest.. There is no internal manegment web page with unifi, you run a controller software either all the time to gather stats, provide captive portal, etc.. etc.. or just run it when you need to make changes to settings.  Or you can use the ios android app to manage your AP.

    And yes you can do client isolation on them, its just called access control via making the network a "guest" network.


  • Thanks for the reply.

    There's an outlet right where I'll be positioning the WAP. So, might as well save myself the cost of the POE injector.

    I've seen Unifi online and it's one I'm considering. Frankly, having to install extra software is irksome. Everything else in the network (pfsense, switch, printer, etc.) is managed via internal web page. I've also seen online complaining about the inability to talk to a real person in tech support at Unifi. But, I guess online forums always bring out the complainer in some people.

    On the other hand, I've also looked at:
    Actually, talked to a real person there who guided me to this model. But, I've seen complaints about this one too. Latency and poor documentation.

    So, there you go. The internet is full of nitpickers.

  • Consider Ruckus Wireless, probably a 7372. If you need it for a private install, I'd search on eBay and such. Recently got a used ZoneFlex 7372 incl. PoE Injector for as little as 56€. Bummer.
    It has a webGUI for configuration, as well as a CLI.

  • Thanks all.

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    the injector is included in the cost of the AP with unifi, so $89 for the lite model comes with the injector..

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